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Focus on recycling

The Recyclers is a privately owned company that was established in 2017. We offer a service to clients that do not have easy access or the know-how of where or what to recycle. The Recyclers focusses on offering an affordable service of destruction of confidential documentation and the recycling of paper, plastic, glass, cans, steel, and e-waste.

Recycle in the correct manner

Recycling means to convert “waste” into reusable material. The recyclers ensure that your waste is delivered to Industries that create and manufacture new items from recyclable materials.
We take accountability and recycle with pride.

Educate and promote

The Recyclers strive to educate and promote the essence of recycling as a lifestyle so that communities are able to use their knowledge to influence behavioural change within their community and family environment.

You gather, we collect

The recyclers offer affordable and effortless recycling solutions and with your input we make a

You gather recyclable products, book your pickup, we will collect!

Objectives Through Value And Vision

Create awareness and educate communities about importance of recycling.

Delivering an effortless recycling service.

Encourage our clients to make recycling part of their daily lifestyle.

Making recycling affordable with advance customer experience.


Our Customers rave about us

What they are saying…

“As passionate as can be and makes recycling possible in this country”

Nelria Bloemhof

“Passionate about their work and their purpose”

Laetitia Le Roux

“Great service from The Recyclers team. Always friendly and helpful. Making recycling completely effortless.”

Gregg Stubbs

“What an awesome business. Well done keep up the good work.”

Aileen Greeff

“Fast, friendly and efficient service. And they stick to appointment times. Highly recommend them for all your recycling needs.”

Marnel Strydom

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